(Re)Launch of new research networks

Jonas participates in two research networks that have been launched in 2020.

The GEPS network was relaunched in 2020 for for its third instalment under the coordination of Miguel Requena (UNED). The  network constitutes a joint infrastructure to foster Madrid-based research on diverse population issues. It receives funding of more than 200,000 EUR over three years from the Autonomous Community of Madrid. The main “nodes” of the renewed GEPS network are the groups led by Miguel Requena at UNED, Alberto Sanz at Universidad Complutense, Teresa Castro Martín at CSIC, Pilar Montero at UAM and Jonas Radl at UC3M.

Also with the start of 2020, the RedEX network was launched to promote experimental social sciences in Spain. It receives 20,000 EUR of funding from the State Research Agency (AEI). The network is coordinated by Luis Miller from the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC), and it includes several members of the Carlos III Juan March Institute. Until the end of 2021 it will organize networking activities such as seminars, workshops and training courses in experimental methods.