Elected as Vice-Chair for NORFACE network

Jonas Radl has been elected unanimously as Vice-Chair of the  NORFACE Network. “New Opportunities for Research Funding Agency Cooperation in Europe” (NORFACE) is a partnership of national research funding agencies. Its goal is the promotion of excellent transnational research in the social sciences in Europe. With his election at the meeting in Berlin in May 2019, Dr. Jonas Radl joins a leadership “Troika” including Norface Chair Dr. Kia Lindroos and the other Vice-Chair Dr. Anne Brüggemann.

Joining the Global Young Academy

Jonas Radl has joined the Global Young Academy (GYA) as part of the incoming 2019 cohort of new members. The Global Young Academy has 200 members and gives a voice to young scientists around the world. From April 29 to May 3, 2019, the GYA celebrated its 10th anniversary with its Annual General Meeting in Halle, Germany, hosted by Leopoldina, Germany’s National Senior Academy of Sciences.

Photo: Markus Scholz for the GYA

Pre/post-doctoral researcher vacancy at WZB

In the EFFORT project, we have an opening for either a PhD position or a postdoctoral position. The researcher is expected to: carry out original research related to “Effort and Social Inequality”; analyze social differences in effort-related measures using secondary data; participate in data collection activities, including laboratory experiments; interact with stakeholders (such as schools, administrations, parents and children); collaborate in the communication of results; and help with the organization of project activities.

The researcher will be based at the WZB in Berlin and fully participate in academic life at the research area “Dynamics of Social Inequalities”. At the same time, the researcher will be working in close collaboration with the team based at Carlos III University of Madrid and occasionally spend time in Madrid for research and coordination purposes.

For more information, please see https://www.wzb.eu/de/node/62243. The deadline to apply is March 31, 2019!

Julián Marías Prize 2018 awarded to Jonas Radl

Jonas Radl has been awarded with the Julián Mariás Prize 2018 for researchers below the age of 40. The prize is granted by the Comunity of Madrid for excellent researchers in the humanities and social sciences. This year the award was  handed out in the sub-area of “Social and legal sciences” and the “junior” prize was shared between Jonas Radl and Enrique Gandía Pérez. The “senior” Julián Marías Prize recognizing the lifetime scientic trajectory was awarded to Emilio Lamo de Espinosa.